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Carolina Ardizzone

photographer / visual designer

born in Palermo, Italy in July 18,1986 and based in London.

She studied Film Direction at Instituto del Cine de Madrid and Design at the University of Palermo and at the Politecnic University of Valencia.

She has also been working in Milan as Franco Pagetti studio manager. 

Her pictures have been published on New York Times, Daily Telegraph, Penguin Classic Book, Oliviero Toscani/Lezioni di Fotografia - Il Sogno, Toronto Film Festival, Indiewire, Coming Soon etc.

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- Carolina Ardizzone’s distinctive and sensitive gaze beautifully captures the melancholy of Madame Bovary. Her camera reads through the surface and brings to life the complex emotions of Emma Bovary, a young woman trapped in the conventions of French provincial life in 19th century. -

Sophie Barthes 

NY, Jan 2015


- Carolina Ardizzone’s poetic lens brings to life the experience of shooting a period film in Normandy. It was a blessing to have her a set photographer, her a subtle pallette of colors, bold and simultaneously delicate framing elevete still photography to an art form and is a tribute to the gorgeous costumes and locations.-

Andrij Parekh 
NY, Jan 2015